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What I Stand For

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"You must be the change you wish to see in the world" - Mahatma Gandhi


I do believe that true change will come from each of us truly being the change that we have been advocating for - equity for all, inclusivity, and compassion. It starts with each of us taking that journey. ​

My own journey is rooted in being a first generation child of immigrant parents, attending public schools from elementary to graduate school. A hard working individual, I always believed in the value of education and dedicating time to social service. My very first job married these ideals, I worked at a technology non profit that gifted the poorest schools from around the world with computers, internet access, and teacher training in hopes to advance the long term outlook for those communities. At that time, bridging the digital divide would be a significant way to bridge and create ties across different time zones and social classes. Our mission was quite simply: to bring peace to the world, one school at a time. Imagine, children first experiencing the world wide web and having digital pals across the globe - building ties, building understanding, realizing there are more similarities than differences. That experience always rooted a fundamental belief I have lived my life by.

Fast forward many years, post going to business school and working at leading tech companies, I gained acumen in the areas of market research, organizational behavior, and data modeling to understand that social growth is possible with strong economic and business principals, all with a foundation of authentic, resilience, and passionate people. 

My goals for BSD would be:

1. Increase Transparency/Rebuild Trust: Ensure communication between district leadership, teachers, parents, and students is inclusive, open and authentic. We need to regain trust among all the constituents. We all have skin in the game and vested interest in collaborative success. I will ensure processes are inclusive, have the right voices at the table, and can lead to changes that everyone can stand behind.

2. Define, quantify, and scale progress: We need to measure academic and social outcomes based on visible data to our community and build upon validated success metrics. What academic and social emotional programs are moving the needle? Why did they move the needle? How can we scale success to more schools?

3. Be accountable: What does accountability mean for our district leadership, the school board, teachers, and students? Let's define and put teeth into what progress we collectively decide upon. It's our district, it's our children - we need accountability.

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