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A Growing List of Supporters....

Seattle Times: 

"Makam's skills and experience make her Voter's Best Choice...her analytical approach to problem solving will be a valuable asset as the school board searches for Duran’s replacement and steers the district toward a successful fall semester. Her big-picture orientation and willingness to ask tough questions will help the board hold administrators accountable for results." 

Dhaarmika Coelho, Local Non-Profit Founder and Bellevue School District after-school program partner 

"Valeri takes the time to listen, to all sides- she listens to the needs of parents, teachers, community partners and finds ways to connect and support. I admire her desire to look deep at the data, and her ability see things objectively, fairly- with tons of humility. I am not sure how Valeri does all of this, but my conclusion is when you have a true passion for something and a sense of purpose in your life-- you'll find ways to make things happen. Valeri Makam is someone you can count on, she will do as she promises to herself and the community."

Jennifer Robertson, Bellevue City Council Member and Ex Bellevue Deputy Mayor

"Valeri Makam is a parent advocate that Bellevue School District needs now to help all of our children on the road to success. She is a thoughtful listener who is measured and data-driven in her approach. She is the best person for the District 5 School Board seat and has earned my vote. I trust her to lead the District and to advance the best interests of our children and families."

Regina Anderson, Cub Scouts Den Leader - Somerset Pack #629

"Valeri is also passionate about spreading kindness.  It shows in her work with the community and her family.  In collaboration with Camp Kindness Counts, Valeri worked hard to give our children the opportunity to learn about kindness and practice Kindness.  My son has attended 3 Camp Kindness Counts classes Valeri put together.  I know it's making a difference in his approach to life."

Tuli Davenport, Parent and Ex-PTSA Somerset Elementary School

"Valeri is not afraid to ask tough questions, willing to listen and use data to make informed decisions where the end goal is to ultimately build a strong community to help students."

Parents, Teachers, Students, and Community Organizations:
Washington Asians For Equality
Tony Marble, Bellevue HS Math Teacher and 2021 PTA Teacher of the Year
Sarah Bush-Pallet, Phantom Lake Elementary Teacher
Michelle Silver, parent
Heidi Unick Dean, parent
Dr. Avi Punyapu, parent
Lekshmi Venu, parent
Hermina Moretsov, parent
Preeti Chandresekhar, parent
John Kelly, parent
Wendy Ryan, parent
Julie Kennedy, parent
Marla Chen, parent
Tharini Senthil, NHS student
Athinanthny Senthil, parent
Dr. Shreya Shah, parent
Ann Ross-Clarke
Many more......

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